Article on “Witchcraft and Statecraft: Liberal Democracy in Africa.”

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One Response to “Article on “Witchcraft and Statecraft: Liberal Democracy in Africa.””

  1. Damon Leff Says:

    To understand the exact nature of the Witchcraft-problem in South Africa you might be interested in reading these papers.

    A Pagan Witches TouchStone (2008)
    by Damon Leff, Morgause Fontleve and Luke Martin
    Foreword by Dr. Dale Wallace

    A Pagan Witches TouchStone examines Witch hunts in the new South Africa, explores some of the beliefs that promote prejudice against Witches, reviews the work already undertaken by the Commission of Gender Equality to end Witch hunts, and examines ongoing prejudice and discrimination against Pagans and Witches in South Africa.

    Free download

    Witchcraft: bias, prejudice and discrimination in South Africa
    by Damon Leff

    ‘Witchcraft: bias, prejudice and discrimination’ examines the pervasive institutional bias and prejudice against Witchcraft in South Africa. It critically examines the failures of both the Ralushai ‘Commission of Inquiry into Witchcraft Violence and Ritual Murder in the Northern Province’ and the Commission for Gender Equality’s ‘National Conference on Witchcraft Violence’ in stemming Witchcraft violence and in reinforcing discriminatory stereotypes, and challenges the African National Congress-led government to consider the legitimate interests of South African Witches in developing national policies and programmes to correct inequalities to which Witches are subjected.

    Free download

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